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GOSHA Ukrainian Books Library


GOSHA Ukrainian Books Library is an initiative aimed at facilitating access to Ukrainian literature and educational materials for Ukrainians residing abroad due to the war

  • Humanitarian Purpose: The library serves a humanitarian purpose by providing access to literature and educational materials for Ukrainians facing challenging conditions due to the war

  • Wide Range: Over 700 books have been collected, including school textbooks and workbooks, enabling children to continue their education even in difficult times

  • Global Impact: This library makes a significant contribution to supporting the Ukrainian community and culture beyond Ukraine's borders, contributing to the preservation of education and language

  • Large Selection: Books for children, books for teenagers/adults, workbooks for study, school books."

The initiative has received support from numerous individuals and organizations, including Poles, Swiss, and Ukrainians, showcasing their dedication and collaboration



GZ Loogarten Standort Badenerstrasse

Badenerstrasse 658

8048 Zürich Altstetten

4 min train ride from the center of Zurich (Zurich HB) to Zurich Altstetten Train Station + 500m walk and you are here!

Mondays 17:00 - 18:30

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