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"How it all started. The Help idea sparkles in my head"

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Feb. 24, 2022 / Thursday morning

As usual, kind of automatically I look at my phone. I see the News Feed: Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Shock. Disbelief. Thinking 'it is impossible'.

Immediately I turn on my Polish TV News Channel and freeze in front of it for long hours.

February 26, 2022 / Saturday

By now everyone is fully aware that the WAR is real. Ukrainians are fleeing their country.

February 27, 2022 / Sunday

The WAR goes on. The WORLD starts helping Ukraine.

I am lying in bed; it is a late night. I am thinking about all the people who have to flee their houses in the middle of winter.

A thought appears in my head: 'Maybe I could also do something to help? Should I start a small collection point in my garage? I am sure transport will be easy to find.'

This is how the idea of the GOSHA Garage in Killwangen started.

To hear how it goes further, watch out for next episodes!:)

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