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Get the Garage ready! Inform the people!

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

March 1, 2022 / Tuesday

The Collection Point flyer is ready. Last touches and mid-day I send it off to a few friends. Literally to a few friends. Less than 10 for sure. Via WhatsApp. Only. No posting on FB, no posting on WhatsApp status, no other social media, nothing else.

In just few hours, the message spreads. People post it on their social media, send it to their contacts, it appears on their WhatsApp statuses, Insta stories and God knows where else.

People are amazing and I think everyone was simply wanting to help and spread the word for help!

It started getting real! I needed to get my garage ready for the following day - the official start of my collection point.

Alex, my son, 9.5-year-old then, was a Super Helper that day. We emptied the garage and cleaned the floor. He prepared the garage plan (on paper first!) and then he split the garage with a painter-tape into sections (clothes, food, sleeping, medication, etc.). Each section had hand-written label (he insisted that handwriting is more special than print😊). He even made small Ukrainian flags out of his school color paper.

It was 11pm, we were ready for the following day. Big day. Start of our collection point.

Have a look at some memories from that day.

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